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krisnik susan2013WE WELCOME your interest and any questions you may have about Sweet Adelines or our chorus. This chorus rehearses weekly year-round with short breaks for the holidays. It's busy and challenging, but we LOVE IT! 
Susan Krisnik, President, Twin Cities Show Chorus


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If You Love to Sing, We've Got a Place for You!





Real Women.

Women from all walks of life perform together and sing the exciting four-part a cappella harmony in the chord-ringing barbershop style. We are always looking for singers who find joy in just singing. We perform a wide variety of arrangements ranging from fun-filled contemporary tunes to those heart wrenching ballads! We rehearse weekly. Our chapter is affiliated with Sweet Adelines International which has chapters all over the world.


Real Harmony.

Whatever range and quality your voice, there is a singing part for you. Members say that singing and ringing the chords produced by good barbershop harmony provides a rich satisfaction other types of harmony can't match... there's nothing else like it!

Real Fun.

Members of the Twin Cities Show Chorus share fun social activities, an enlarged circle of friends and exciting performance opportunities. Discover why 45+ women enjoy singing and so much more every Tuesday evening.





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Twin Cities Show Chorus is a chapter of Sweet Adelines, International, a non-profit organization of approximately 30,000 members in choruses and quartets, worldwide. The Headquarters is in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Sweet Adelines International is divided into 33 Regions. TCSC is a part of Northern Lights Region 6 which includes Minnesota, North and South Dakota, part of Iowa and Montana, as well as Manitoba and Ontario provinces in Canada. 


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TCSC Encourages Young Singers

Twin Cities chorus members organize day-long A Cappella Pop Chorus harmony workshop days for area schools and provide quartets to demonstrate the barbershop style of a cappella harmony. Contact us if you're interested or check out our Events for upcoming dates. Also see our Youth Sponsorships page.

Community Projects Supported by TCSC

Competitions and Exciting Challenges!

Competition is a major component of the barbershop world that helps us raise the bar each year. We come together in a spirit of friendly competition, to sing together and learn from other choruses and the judges what we did well and what we can do to improve. 



Every spring the Twin Cities Show Chorus competes in our regional contest with choruses from Can-Am Region 6 (includes Minnesota, North & South Dakota, part of Iowa & Montana, and the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba). If you're anywhere nearby, please come be a part of the fun! Competitions are open to the public and available from Northern Lights Region 6 website. TCSC competition history >



Every fall the winners of all regional contests and a few "wildcards" gather together at International competition. Competitions are open to the public. You can view the complete contest on a live webcast on the Sweet Adelines International website. The Finals are super exciting and not to be missed!


July 20, 2017

Christmas Unwrapped 

July 25th 2017

Como Pavilion Performance

Harmony Explosion!

August 6th 2017 3:00pm
Several Sweet Adeline choruses and quartets

International Convention

October 9-14, 2017

Las Vegas, NV

Holiday Show Kickoff

October 24th 2017


Pancake Breakfast

October 2017 TBD

Holiday Show

December 3rd 2017
Sunday 3pm

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