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 If You Love to Sing, We've Got a Place for You!

 We believe that we have an exciting musical future and would love to have you be a part of it. Come to a rehearsal. We'll hand you the music for the evening. I'll assign you a voicepart suited to your voice range. Then we invite you to the risers. Introduce you to a riser buddy in your voice part to help if you have any questions. We start by warming the voices and getting energized. Then ... the best part ... we start to just SING! That's what we LOVE to do!  We maintain a very diverse and wonderful repertoire of about 13-16 songs including everything from jazz and gospel to pop standards and the latest musicals.

What Part Do I Sing?

We sing acappella four part harmony, barbershop style. Any woman of average singing ability, with or without vocal training, will find a part that fits her voice range. There's nothing more fun and challenging than "ringing a chord"!

  • LEAD:  Sings melody and must be sung with authority, clarity and consistent quality throughout the voice range. The range is equivalent to a Soprano II. 
  • TENOR:  A harmony part consistently above the lead; should have a light, sweet, pure tone. The range is equivalent to a Soprano I. 
  • BARITONE:  Fills in the all-important missing note in a chord that may be above or below the melody. The voice part is similar to the equivalent of an Alto I. 
  • BASS:  Lowest note in the chord; supplies the foundation of the sound. The range is comparable to that of a contralto or Alto II.  

Come to 3 Rehearsals

Every Tuesday evening from 7:00-10:00pm. Get to know other members. Get to know the music. See if this hobby is for you. To quote one of our members, "It's the love of singing that brought me to Twin Cities Show Chorus. It's the enthusiasm, fun and lasting friendships that keep me returning week after week."  Visit a rehearsal and find out for yourself!


Discover why we keep coming back week after week!

Share fun social activities, an enlarged circle of friends, and exciting travel and performance opportunities. Come to a rehearsal! Give yourself one night a week just for you!

  • Open to women of all ages!
  • No obligation to join until you're ready!
  • Members commit to weekly rehearsals and approximately one performance a month.
  • Have more questions?

The exciting part of this great hobby ... PERFORMING!


... or check out the



We have Guest Coordinators

happy to help you!

Come visit a rehearsal!

Or come sing with us for our Holiday Show!

(no obligation to join!)


YWIH Workshop Hutchinson Area Schools 2011

Young Women In Harmony Workshop, Hutchison Area Schools, 2011

January 17, 2018

2018 Change of Rehearsal





February 9th 2018

Spaghetti Dinner

Old Knights of Columbus

6pm Social

7pm Served

Come to the Mardi Gras!

Open invitation to 

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